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The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean and stretch 900 kilometres from north to south. They are made up of over 1200 tiny, low-lying coral islands surrounded by white sand in 26 atolls. The islands are some distance from land, which means there is an abundance of marine life. Night dives are fantastic, as the reefs become highly active, with predators on the prowl. The Maldives are particularly renowned for the large pelagics that visit the area, particularly sharks and rays. Reefs form channels and lagoons, but don’t expect many wreck dives as these are minimal and not very spectacular.

For many years I have wanted to dive the Maldives, so when I was asked if I would like to go on a photographic trip with a dedicated band of underwater photographers, I jumped at this opportunity because I was virtually guaranteed to be diving with Mantas.

Until recently, there didn't seem a spot in the Maldives where you could guarantee seeing mantas on almost every dive. A great deal of research has now been done to predict the feeding habits of the mantas, taking into account the time of the year, the seasons, tides, sea conditions and the weather. Even with all this data you can go and be unlucky, but the odds now are very much in your favour, if you go with a group that take all of these considerations in to account and carefully plan the dive sites and the timing of your trip.

When you are possessed with the desire to photograph mantas, you tend to focus all your attention on being suspended in the blue, with your wide angle lens, waiting for one or more of these iconic creatures to glide past for that shot. One tends to forget the other ninety percent of the potential that the Maldives has to offer photographically. I found the reef life stunning, the fish, corals, and mirads of macro subjects just waiting to be found and photographed.

My advice to any underwater photographer going to the Maldives for the first time is, don't forget to take all your lenses and plenty of storeage capacity, because you will be blown away with the choice and magnitude of the subjects the Maldives has to offer.

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