KBR, Lembeh,Indonesia 2006
Kungkungan Bay Resort, or more commonly and affectionately known as KBR is the world's 'muck' diving epicenter. If it's macro diving you desire, this is the place to dive, a place where you can see and photograph the greatest variety of some of the most incredible creatures in the underwater world. KBR is nestled on the site of an old coconut plantation on the Sulawesi coast of Lembeh strait, located on the sunrise side of the peninsula. The guest accommodation is spacious and comfortable, made from local building materials in a typical traditional style reflecting the Minahasan culture.

The first thing I noticed was the warm welcome, the informal registration and the lovely smiling faces which lasted through our stay.
I appreciated the help I was offered, even if I didn't need it, nothing was too much trouble for the management and staff. Your kit was labeled at the beginning of the week and from then on it was loaded on and off the boats, camera housings were washed and, if you wished, taken to your room at the end of the day. There is a camera room at the changing area, with individual locations, towels and storage with battery charging stations for both 110 and 220v.
The restaurant is centrally located in the main administration building and the food is excellent and always available after diving. There is an internet connection for those who have to stay in contact and lots of space for groups to gather and show their pictures.
You are offered up to four dives a day, depending on your dive package, and you can have unlimited shore diving on the house reef, ten paces from the changing area. I left my first house reef dive until the end of the week, which was a big mistake as it proved to be one of the best dives in the area for me, next visit I will make more use of this excellent dive site.
There are four fast dive boats that can take you to any of over 30 dive sites in less than 15 minutes. Our group of eight would fit in to one of these boats, but we were lucky, by going in the low season we had two boats with four divers in each making it nice and comfortable for the trips to and from the dive sites. If you like to use nitrox, then buy the nitrox package, it is worth the extra, not for the depth, but the time you spend underwater. I was down to single figures on my computer at 12 metres, not the depth but a l-o-n-g time. I'm too embarrassed to say how long, but I did a lot of groveling when I surfaced and the dive guide just smiled and hoped I had enjoyed my dive. As you get into the boat after your dive you are handed a warm, dry towel, then back on the beach there are the HOT showers and hot drinks. All you have to do is change the batteries and e-film, relax, or eat, 'till the next dive.

KBR have pioneered what they call "Fine Diving". It delivers a high level of service, that helps visiting divers understand and appreciate the rare species and unusual photo opportunities available in this unique place in the Lembeh Strait.
The dive guides have local training and extensive experience diving in the area. They are able to find creatures that are so well camouflaged and integrated into their surroundings a visiting diver would easily miss.
A two weeks stay is the minimum for this wonderful area, but you might like to take a break from the dawn to dusk diving midway through your stay and decompress on one of the many opportunities to visit the local villages and do some retail. We chose to do a two resort trip and split our time between KBR and Gangga Island an hour and a half boat ride away.

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Visit the KBR web site on www.kungkungan.com and check all the latest information on prices and availability. Most dive travel agents will be able to book your flights and accommodation, we booked through Diving World UK. @ www.diving-world.com.

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