Here are the family, qualified divers and they have all taken underwater pictures

Katherine's pictures click here >>>
Katherine first learnt to dive in 2001. She did her PADI open water and advanced with a local school, doing her fist dives in Stoney Cove! Since then she has done a variety of dives both dry suit and wet suit, in the UK and overseas. Her eldest son, Nick, joined the family diving dynasty in 2004 at the age of 15, and they have loved diving "en famille" in Egypt. Her favourite dives are night dives and wreck dives, in the UK she loves the James Eagan Layne and overseas the Thistlegorm is hard to beat. On her "wish list" are manta and whale shark. Her diving ambition is to get the whole family in the water again with newcomers Nick and nephew Jamie.

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Richard's diving career started in 1996. Shortly after his first cold dives in Stoney Cove UK, he spent six glorious weeks diving and surveying pristine reefs with Operation Wallacea in Indonesia. In 2000 he completed his PADI Dive-master and started taking underwater photographs. He loves diving in the UK and the Red Sea and his most memorable experience in 2005 was encountering a whale shark while diving with his son Jamie at Ras Mohamed; sadly his sister wasn't with us on this occasion. He would also love to dive again with his brother, as watching Sean spending more time going up and down rather than forward was very entertaining.

Sean's pictures click here >>>
Sean joined the Stevenage Sub-Aqua Club in 1981 when
he was 14 and trained with the club in the UK. It wasn't long before he was coming on club trips around the UK and overseas. We did several diving expeditions to the Scilly Islands, off the Southwestern tip of England, and while diving with a local salvage company, we assisted in the recovery of coins and other artifacts from both the Hollandia 1743 and HMS Association 1707. Since those 'heady' days, Sean has married, had three children and recently rejoined the rest of the family on a dive trip to the Red Sea for our family underwater pictures.
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