Here are a number of links that may be useful to you,
all related to underwater photography

How do they do that?
If you are a newcomer and wish to take advantage of

the best tuition you can get in the UK then Martin Edge
is your man. Martin has written books and articles on the subject
and trained hundreds of successful u/w photographers including myself.

Want to join a club?

If you want to join a club dedicated to u/w photography including
trips, competitions, social events and diving with friends then I
recommend Photosub. UK based.

Want to join the UK's biggest and oldest club?
Then join BSoUP, British Society of Underwater Photographers.

Want to see more underwater images from other u/w photographers?
Len Deeley:
Anthony Holley:
Jane Morgan:
Alex Mustard:
J P Trenque:
Mark Walker:

Trevor Rees:

Want to see deep wreck images?
Check out this link for some deep wreck images from my
friend & fellow photographer Leigh Bishop.

Want to visit a sea life centre?
Visit The French National Sea Experince Centre dedicated to the
relationships between mankind and the sea.

'SUPS' Stevenage Underwater Photographic Society
If you are a qualified diver and wish to join a group of underwater
photographers based in the Stevenage area then follow this link

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