Custom design has been a lifelong inclination and a hugely enjoyable part of my life. I have always liked to make and modify anything mechanical or electromechanical, so when I started to dive I had a whole new world of potential. Weight belts, backpacks, gauges, knives, reels, etc. Then the next bug bit and photography became the new all-consuming passion. Now it was housings for cameras, strobes and light meters, then strobe arms, base trays, leak detectors, special optics including custom video housings for the filming of the Blue Planet by the BBC. Now I spend more of my time relaxing on diving trips and restrict my workshop time to friends, but rarely turn down a challenge. I have listed below some of the small items I, or my friends still make for the 'needy'.


Inon Viewers:
In the last couple of years we have been asked to fit the Inon viewer to a number of Sea & Sea housings. We have fitted both the Straight-View and the 45 degree Viewer. Although the job is basically a swap-over, it does involve some special tools including drilling tiny holes for the anti rotation pins. If you have aquired a Viewer from another housing, a friend or off Ebay and you would like it fitted to your existing housing, give us a call and we will endvour to fit it for you.

Custom Ports:
We have designed many different shaped ports to fit on most housings. Long ports, slim ports and dome ports, all custom designed to suit our customers needs. Long macro ports for those extra diopters, slim ports to allow close strobe lighting on small subjects. Replacements for obsolete threaded ports - now unobtainable from the original manufacturers - and many more.

Bendy arms:
Our own unique design, all black bendy arms with top and bottom fittings, for all housing and strobe mountings; try us!
Use 300mm long arms for macro and up to a maximum of 500mm for wide angle.
Remember, it’s not the length that matters, it’s the direction/angle of the light that counts. Bendy arms are easy to use, both in and out of the water. You can also use them to mount torches, light meters and dual-strobe cable connecting blocks.

Fibre Optic Snoot:
Snooted lighting for macro and 'super macro' photography is gaining in popularity. So we decided to use what information was available and make and test our own version for U/W photographers to try out this technique. With the inspiration from Martin Edge and a host of willing helpers we developed our "Fibre Optic Snoot". It fits/screws onto the front of an Inon strobe providing two 'snooted mini flashes' for matchless lighting combinations, only restricted by your imagination.

Custom Lens Gears:
We also make special lens gears for the old and the newest lenses, zoom, focusing, and switching gears, plus the odd sized extension ring for that odd sized lens combination. Try us first, our prices and service for custom items has made us many good friends and repeat customers.
Spotting and focusing torch mounts:
We have designed and built a range of torch holders for housing, strobe and port mountings. Just provide us with your torch specification and where you want to mount it and we can do the rest.
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